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Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT)
Quotes after the Competion

Individual Gunderson LH/10km (05.02.2023)

Quotes after the Competition Individual 10km

Julian Schmid (GER), Rank 1: It was exciting until the last hundred meters. We knew that you can catch up 30 seconds in the last lap, but that it turns out shortly before the finish is of course huge for me. So many spectators were screaming for me, it was just great. It's a huge dream come true to win a home World Cup in your home town, that's really special for me. There are so many people here that I have known since I was a child, all the coaches from the ski club are here and it is mega that I was able to win here. I am fast in the last meters only if I pace myself correctly. But it can also happen that I run out of strength in the last lap, that nothing works anymore. If I pace myself correctly, then it will be difficult, I think, to beat me.

Jens Luraas Oftebro (NOR) Rank 2: I am really happy, of course, when I’m so close to the victory, I want to win, but I think it was nice for the crowd and everyone out there it was great that Julianne took the win today, it was a bit hard for him yesterday with the fourth place. Hopefully I can beat him next time. Yeah, yeah, of course, we are pretty tight in the overall me and Julianne and Johannes is in front. We will continue fighting for the top three spots and I am happy with my sheet and looking forward to the next weekend in Schonach. The conditions were perfect, it was challenging yesterday with the snow in the in-run, but they managed it well. In cross-country of course it has been fantastic all over the whole weekend. It’s been very nice and especially with the crowd cheering, I can’t complain about anything, it has been an amazing weekend. 

Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT), Rank 3: I draw a positive balance after this weekend, twice on the podium, twice third place. Of course, today I missed the victory. Hats off to the two, to Julian and Jens, they were simply faster in the finish. It was close and I gave everything, but it wasn't quite enough. I will skip the competition next weekend in Schonach. I will go into the World Championship preparation. My big goal this year is to win an individual medal or to perform well there. The training will do me good again. I've competed a lot and I'm still in good shape, so I can take another step forward. When running, I still need to improve my stability, which will also makes ski jumping better again, so that you are calmer when ski jumping. But of course I would also like to be there in Schonach. I made the decision with a little bit of melancholy, it is not an easy decision, but you have to set priorities. The three days in Oberstdorf were terrific. The hill was in sensational condition. I want to give a big praise to the helpers and workers there. Also today, because it was really difficult today with the rain and the fresh snow. Hats off, everything was perfect. The atmosphere was great, the track was great, it was really a fantastic weekend. And the supporting program was also good.

Johannes Rydzek (GER), Rank 20: It was nice to ski in front of the audience. Yes, I hope that a little bit more than a place in the top 15, top 20 is possible, but I just have to be so realistic that my jumps just don‘t always work as I maybe hope or wish for. Of course, we had three tough weekends. With the exception of Klingenthal, I never really got going on the hill. The spectators have created phantastic atmosphere despite the wintry, but not really spectator-friendly weather. Really, really cool to start here again like that. The tracks were sensational. The conditions were anything but easy. First little snow, then a lot of snow, then rain - that doesn't make it any easier, but the people of Oberstdorf always have that under control, both at the ski jumping hill and on the course. Praise to the many volunteers and helpers, without whom such an event would not be possible.

Wendelin Thannheimer (GER), Rank 24: I am very satisfied overall. I delivered my best World Cup result here. The atmosphere here is great. At Burgstall, it was really loud. It's a lot more fun then. I don't know what will happen next. Next week is probably free and then it goes on with Continental Cup. That's still quite a few competitions in a row.

Quotes after the ski jumping

Johannes Lamparter (AUT): It was a solid jump, flawless, I am now satisfied with the starting position. I think the three of us can I have a good run together. Let's see how it goes in the first step at the front, Franz-Josef has set off a bomb today - we really have to congratulate him. Let's see, we're in second place anyway, third... of course, let’s look at the team order, what we're doing there, everything is possible.

Distance between second and third place very close to Julian? I have to look now of course also, what Jens will do, the more people, the better you can push and they are all great competitors. If you want to be right at the front it’s not easy, he's all alone there at the front, FJ, so it's going to be a good race.

I really enjoyed the award ceremony yesterday with the audience, it was really great with all the people! It's always nice to be in Oberstdorf, I always enjoy it here, it was already so cool on Friday, I enjoyed it again yesterday and took the good feeling with me.

Individual Gundersen LH/10km (04.02.2023)

Quotes after the Competion Individual 10km

Johannes Lamparter (AUT), Rank 1:

Wire-to-wire victory - how satisfied are you? Yes, great! It was a really cool jump on the hill, that was of course the basis for today. The conditions were not so easy for cross-country skiing. I started the race a bit slower and then worked together with my teammate FJ (Franz-Josef Rehrl) a bit and then I had enough strength to attack in the last lap. I have great memories of Oberstdorf and I will definitely come back tomorrow and next year. 

The World Championships start in three weeks - is the gold medal already preassigned or do you  expect to win at least a medal? Clearly I am now in the circle of the co-favorites. My performances are really good at the moment, that suits me. I now look from World Cup to World Cup. Of course, the goal before the season was very clear: to win a medal at the World Championships, and that's still the goal. I want to pursue that and then we'll see. 

What are the goals for tomorrow? Yes, it is again to make as good a jump as today. I have to say, today I really had a hit, that is not self-evident and if I can perform such a jump again, then it can be similar to today. But I know just as well that completely different people can also ski jump really well. My performance has to be good, the others can often top it and then we'll see. Sure, the basis is again a good jump.

When was it clear to you that you would win today? I was very determined from the start that I could follow through with my plan. In the last lap I attacked again because I noticed that they were really pushing hard from behind. I was able to enjoy the last descent towards the finish and that was very special.

Jens Luraas Oftebro (NOR), Rank 2:

Are you satisfied with the race today? Yeah really.

How important are the spectators here at the stadium? It was nice with the spectators again. It’s been a while and it’s better to have a crowd here than an empty stadium at the world championships. So it was very nice when I was going with Julian it was nice to hear the crowd cheering.

The next competition will be tomorrow. What is your strategie? Of course I will try to ski faster and jump better but today was a really good day for me. I will try to get a good jump tomorrow and my shape is good so I‘m looking forward.

It’s not the first time for you competing at the Ried – what do you like about Oberstdorf? It is a really nice venue and a nice jumping hill. The crowd is really nice. I have very good memories at Oberstdorf because of the World Championships so it is always very nice to get back to Oberstdorf.

In three weeks there will be the World Championships in Planica. What are your expectations? We will see – we have two strongs athletes who are not starting and also Lamparter and Schmid are in a really good shape. I think there will be a lot of aspirants for the medals and I hope I will be one of them.

Franz-Josef Rehrl (AUT), Rank 3: It was a very good day for me, even though the race was very tough. It was quite tough on the last climb, but I fought and I'm glad it turned out to be third place. I didn't lose the second, but won the third. It is always nice in Oberstdorf. I'm there for the Summer Grand Prix. The hill was very good, although it was difficult with the rain. Also the cross-country track.

Yesterday hill record, today third place. Do you prefer to come to Oberstdorf even more now and what do you expect for tomorrow? Actually, I couldn't be any happier. I have always liked Oberstdorf. I'm always happy to come here. I know what I have to do on the hill. It's just fun! I hope it stays like this for the next few years.

How were the conditions on the track? It rained, it was cold. You notice that right away when your cross-country suit gets wet. But it was good, the track was very well prepared. For the fact that it rained, the conditions were really okay.

When did you realize that you would be on the podium today? Only when I crossed the finish line. Julian Schmid was really breathing down my neck during the sprint to the finish. But at the finish line I thought it would work out.

The World Championships are coming up in three weeks. What are your goals for Planica? Of course I would like to win a few good medals. But I think that's always special at World Championships. My shape is good, the jumps are good and you need the perfect moment and then everything is possible.

Eric Frenzel (GER), Rank 10: I am satisfied, especially with the run, it was a good competition, I was able to stay well in the group, I had good energy at the end to really get the maximum out of it, and from that point of view I am very satisfied. Of course, there is still a bit of need on the hill, if I can jump a bit further up there, then I can be satisfied with the overall situation.

Conditions and material? Yes, definitely good, there is always a bit of luck involved on the hill, just like today, so it is the way it is. We know how to deal with that, but we still have to improve our jumps a bit more, and then I think I can look positively ahead.

Quotes after the PCR (03.02.2023)

Franz-Josef-Rehrl (AUT): Yes, I am really overwhelmed now, because it is the most prestigious hill! If I really get a plaque here now, because unfortunately we don't usually get these hill records credited, but if there was a plaque, I would be really happy, that would be a very big honour!

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